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Take over the kingdom of “Specialty Coffee” in Saigon – Where to find


Some people choose Vietnam as a transit point to other Asian countries, some pick it for a real service of cuisine, some make it a great escape, while others come to Vietnam for coffee. There are not enough words to fully describe the coffee story of this S-shaped country, yet a new innovation in this category of beverage is always available. Saigon Specialty Coffee is a new candidate introduced to town, and here is why you should not miss it during your best tours in Vietnam to the city.


Saigon Specialty Coffee

What is “Specialty Coffee”?

Are you a loyal fan of coffee? Then the term “Specialty Coffee” is surely something that you cannot find it strange. “Specialty Coffee” was first introduced by Erna Knutsen back in the year 1974 issued on Tea & Coffee Trade Journal magazine. Accordingly, Knutsen referred to the finest types of coffee beans planted in such lands whose climate conditions were found distinguished. Unsurprisingly, there are only a few of them are capable of meeting the given requirements in terms of topography, plantation, cultivation and harvesting progress. These are, as said, known as “Specialty Coffee”.


What is Specialty Coffee?

The very first “Specialty Coffee” in Hồ Chí Minh City

Wishing to bring such exceptional diversity of coffee to the community of Vietnamese coffee lovers with the high-end “Specialty Coffee” cups, Saigon Specialty Coffee launched its first branch at 38E Trần Cao Vân Street, Ward 6, District 3. Let’s find out together with our Vietnam local tour operator.


The lovely interior

Saigon Specialty Coffee offers a broad range of options listed on a large menu, which can be counted as Kenya AA, Ethiopia Kocher, Yellow Bourbon, Dalat Typica, Colombia and a lot more. These are the best exclusive categories that go without chemical fertilizer throughout their cultivation and apparently originated from various sources across the Globe, and Vietnam is definitely one of which. The set of a menu at Saigon Specialty Coffee turns into such a harmonious composition that cannot be found elsewhere. Then, what is inside a special portion offered at the cafeteria? Scroll down for more.

Cold Brew Coffee

In contrast to a regular style of making coffee by pouring an amount of boiled water into a filter of ground coffee for 15 minutes. Cold Brew Coffee, instead, is supposed to use cold water for a brewery of 12 hours straight. The oxidization is still going on yet it requires a much longer amount of time. That is the reason why Cold Brew Coffee will not deliver such bitterness and sourness to the taste, and the distinctive freshness is preserved way better. The act of making coffee in the various ways from net-brewing to filtering and cold-brewing are all able to be spotted in Saigon, which makes your Southern Vietnam culture tour to this cosmopolitan city totally worthwhile.



Caramel Macchiato

Caramel Macchiato becomes such a fine harmony of a light bitterness of Espresso and the richness of hot stirred cream and the aromatic sweet Caramel. Lying atop the glass is a silky layer of rich milk. As you may beware, consuming Macchiato in a proper way is definitely going without the presence of a straw or spoon. What you are supposed to process is directly enjoying Caramel Macchiato from the brink of the cup in order to fully taste such amazing savor of both coffee and cream slowly running from the top to the bottom of your tongue.


Caramel Macchiato


American Macchiato

Coffee Ice cream Coco

Easily inferred from the name itself, Coffee Ice cream Coco uses a fusion of both coffee, of course, and coconut milk. This can trigger the distinctive fragrance of coffee added the creamy taste of coconut milk. If you have heard of the phenomenal “Cộng Cà Phê” with their iconic “Coconut milk coffee’, today, Saigon Specialty Coffee takes the beverage into a whole new level with the use of brand new high-end coffee beans bonus a little lovely ice cream piece.


Homemade passion fruit mousse

Especially, with a maximum capacity of 50 seats at a time, Saigon Specialty Coffee is not simply a beverage bistro itself but also a rest stop for nearby officers and local young Saigonese for a quick escape from the killing heat of the city. As being introduced to life, not for long, only some customized tailor-made private Vietnam tours would be designed to walk you there. Undoubtedly, entering the lesser-known places seems to be a part of the best tours in Vietnam.

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