Saigon then and now: The glorious combination of traditional and modern beauty

The ancients had explored to build up Saigon. Until today, Saigon constantly becoming more beautiful and modern. After a few decades, its infrastructure has been greatly improved compared to the past. Many tall buildings, even skyscrapers, raise up just in a short time.

In the past, the top must-see destinations in Saigon are Notre-Dame Basilica, Saigon Post Office Centre, Ben Thanh Market, Independence Palace, and China Town. Nowadays, the list has been added up more exciting places such as Bitexco – the highest tower in Saigon, Time Square Building, Vincom shopping mall chains, Union Square, Diamond Department, Crescent Mall, 3A Station,..created a young and energetic look for the city. Visitors have more options to choose depending on their demands and interests.

Nguyen Hue Street

Nguyen Hue Street in the past

Transportation Systems are gradually improved and developed to meet up the demands of the fast increasing population. Previously, forms of transportation in Saigon are usually personal vehicles such as bicycles, cyclos, and cars. When Saigon hasn’t had taxi, people used to use the traditional vehicles like cyclos, and “xe lam”. Until now, a lot of tourists love using cyclos for their Saigon city tour but for the local it is not popular anymore.

Today, those vehicles still remain but are more modern and innovated. The number has incredibly increased by multiple times. Therefore, the optimal choice chosen by the locals is motorcycles, the best option for a city of 8 million people. Traveling Vietnam by motorcycle definitely make your trip more adventurous and convenient, because some interesting places are inaccessible without a motorcycle. You don’t have to wait for the public transportations, just enjoy your freedom of movement. Traffic jam has become a specialty of Saigon regardless any time of the day. In near future, solution for this situation is people will start using the public transportations that are being built such as subway, sky-train and new bus system.

Saigon River Tunnel

Saigon River Tunnel is an important road project under construction to ease the congestion of transport in the inner city

The rapid economic development means the change of life and habits of the people in Saigon. In recent years, the strong development of domestic enterprises has attracted the investment of multinational corporations. It turns Saigon into one of the most bustling cities in Asia. At the same time, Saigon also attracted many workers from all over the world. Most of the population is the young generation, so Saigon life becomes faster and more modern. The old Saigon, which was seen as the elegant and traditional city, nowadays, is famous with the name "the city that never sleeps".

The nightlife in Saigon

The nightlife in Saigon

The human factor is always the most important. For decades, through each generation, they had significant advance in both quality and quantity. It had provided a large number of human resources for the growing city. First, their lifestyles change. They focus more on comfortableness and start adapting to live in apartments, instead of small houses in meandering alleys like their parents. Thence, accommodation needs have been solved, while improving the quality of the environment. Next, they concern how to provide the best education and training programs for the young generation. Moreover, the young generation can easily access the multicultural education, prepare for the process of international integration.

The old Saigon used to have many ancient edges, but now it turns into the new Saigon – the hectic city. Today, Saigon becomes the tourist attraction to visit or even live. If you plan to discover Vietnam culture tour, you must add Saigon to your list. There is a fantastic combination of traditional and modern styling.