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Saigon Opera House made me cry


Any sudden Southern Vietnam tours found that you will surely take Saigon its highlight during your trip to this country. For a long time, even until now, Saigon has still been seen as the most essential spot in Vietnam’s Southern region in particular and all over the nation in general. A typical City tour in Saigon bring you through multiple icons, most left by the French after a hundred of years colonizing Vietnam, and one of which is Saigon Opera House. For such a long time, the building was under different functions, so as today served as a famous place hosting reputed shows and performances of all kinds. I personally attended two nights with two different shows hosted by The Lune Production, and I will break down any myth behind the fact that they literally made me ring the blues, and I am sure you will not want to cry like me!


Saigon Opera House

I am currently living in Saigon, which proves that I am totally local, in one way or another. I was not born here but have been spending a good amount of years knowing clearly and deeply about as well as working in this city. Saigon is a place through where most South Vietnam group tours offer various packages. Saigon was born by Khmer citizens, developed by Vietnamese and nourished by the French. A walk around downtown within just half a day will give you a clear impression about why the French were so dominant in this city, especially with a local guide in a South Vietnam group tour showing you what is what. French-dominant building, French-influenced cuisine, French-originated drinks and a lot more. Buildings and architecture seem to be the most typical proof under this circumstance. The French brought us Saigon Opera House which was initially and ultimately functioned in the same way. What a good thing! Built in 1898 by the French architect named Eugene Ferret, featuring greatly the “flamboyant style”, the Opera House was designed with two meters higher than the ground surface with two door layers aimed at preventing traffic noise. That is the very first factor I noticed before entering the show inside, Teh Dar.



The Dar was basically the very first show giving me and my friend a chance to step into the Opera House, as the site is known to not be open at daytime and only technically functions when night falls, which is around 6 pm for Teh Dar, a section of the A O Show quad including the other three of The Mist, My Village and A O Show.


Teh Dar

There are three different seat ranges you can pick depending on your purchased tickets. Tea and fruit service is the very good first impression I was left with. I was requested to be present 30 minutes beforehand, which means I needed to be present at around 5.30 pm for a short introduction about the theater itself and the show by the Lune Production staff, which was kind of like a tour.


The Mist

Both Teh Dar and The Mist, the other show I got to see at the second time visiting the Opera House, were far more than perfect. I fail to find a good word describing how I actually felt. Both lasted for roughly 90 minutes and the whole dancers and ballerinas were spectacular and hard working. During the shows, I was completely left breathless at how precise each move was and how dangerous Teh Dar dancers could risk their lives for a successful performance. A little more details about these two shows, Teh Dar was more of like a circus concept along with musical revealing the story of a tribal person in rural Vietnamese domains showing their daily local life, while The Mist was a ballet performance, a little slower, serene, true Vietnamese bring a perfect harmony of moves and instruments. Teh Dar is upbeat, The Mist is solid. Both of the shows’ dancers and ballerinas excitingly engaged with audiences. Even after the show, you will have a chance to take a photograph sitting at the foot of a large stair with the teams. The shows were Stouching and moving that basically, they brought tears to my eyes, given the point of the harmony of moving and music, of how hard working and sacrificing they were, of how imposingly Vietnamese cultures were shown. Hence, if you aim at not crying on your trip to Vietnam, then do not bother visiting Saigon Opera House but planning for another group tours in Southern Vietnam is enough.


Saigon Opera House in the past

The Opera House nowadays still greatly attracts its fans as days go by, especially with a highlight of The Lune Production bringing the A O Show quad to the audience. If you want something fascinating like this, hit up with the top Southern Vietnam group tour operators for the best memories.

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