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Four new Saigon hostels you would love to feed your Instagram


What if, Agoda, Hostelworld, and Airbnb have never met your expectation of lovely and unique accommodations? What if spending nights in a regular-conceptual hotel has gradually killed your mood of an awesome trip? It is time to hear what the locals say. Before your Saigon day tour gets started, let’s hear what local Vietnamese advised on where to hide your night!


Let’s take another view of Saigon

Kaiteki Capsule Hostel

The concept of a capsule hostel was first introduced by Japanese and quickly spreads to the rest of Asia with the innovative design yet not laking essential items for a perfect stay. In Vietnam, a big metropolis such as Hanoi, Saigon, and Danang have successfully applied this type of alternative.


On the inside

Kaiteki is equipped with 60 “capsule rooms” in total, each of which lasts for 2 square meters yet obtaining everything you need for a food stay such as cabinets, pillows, blankets, Air-cons, TVs and magnetic keyed locks. The restroom section has been put aside completely.


Sanitary restroom

Springfield Cottage


Go with the flow

Springfield Cottage is the one and only floating homestay with reasonable price ever found in Saigon up to now. You can find it in Bình Chánh District, an absolute outskirt which takes you about 50 minutes on the road. Given such length distance, Springfield Cottage delivers an ultimate serene vibe and refreshment. If you are thinking of an absolute hide-out that local Vietnam tour operators can recommend, Springfield Cottage is definitely our answer.


Floating hostel

The whole complex of Springfield Cottage sits on the surface of the water and fenced by palm-coconut trees, which gives out a dream-like natural ambiance to your stay. This eco-accommodation is designed with eight different bungalows. Everything set at Springfield Cottage is totally nature-oriented. Hence, do not worry about the fact that you would be badly annoyed by the hectic nightlife flowing outside your window.


Welcome to Springfield Cottage


Nấp Sài Gòn

For this third candidate, our Vietnam tour operators review is walking you to a creamy-color ambiance taking over each room of Nấp Sài Gòn. This saffron-like style brings you to an utmost tropical paradise right in the middle of the sleepless city of Saigon. Every single corner of the whole house is lovingly decorated following the minimalism architecture yet not lacking any modern taste that Nấp’s guests have been always aspiring for.


Serene entrance

Homestay Nấp Sài Gòn is designed with two dorm floors and a shared-living room on the ground, which sits right next to a cozy kitchen. Each dorm room obtains eight beds that are scattered on four bunk-beds. This is absolutely fantastic if you are traveling with your group of besties or even families. The third floor of Nấp Sài Gòn is built for both male and female guests. Each of you is offered with a personal closet and keychain. Other than that, every floor is found in a bright and sanitary shared bathroom and restroom.


Simple but smart


Cozy-designed bunk-beds

OTRO Homestay


OTRO Homestay

Saved the best for last, OTRO Homestay has been rousing the passion of traveling amongst native youngsters with its distinctive designation which is deeply dyed with the taste and color of the old Saigon life. At OTRO Homestay, you would be amazed at how harmonious the combination of terra-cotta, hand-made sedge, plants, and flowers can be.


A loving green vibe

OTRO Homestay brings you to a diversity of room selection based on a different specific concept. CHIẾU (Room of Mat) is a dorm room with 6 beds. ĐẤT (Room of Soil), BÔNG (Room of Flowers) and MÂM (Room of Trays) are designed with one double bed, while DỆT (Room of Embroidery) offers you two large double beds. Apart from those, OTRO Homestay captures your heart with an open-space rooftop packed with full of greenery. Is spending a quiet afternoon beside a cup of tea, a good book with your group of friends satisfying enough for your trip to Saigon this time? Take this Vietnam travel review to your heart!


Suite balcony City view

Heading out to these spectacular accommodations to see how creative and dynamic young Saigonese can be these days. Other than that, this is about to boost your level of creativity to a very next stage. After all, staying a lovely homestay is always better than trying to lullaby your sleep amid a hectic atmosphere, and that is why Vietnam tour operators review is always around when needed.

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