Food tour in Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is considered as the food capital of Vietnam. While Hanoi cuisine is famous for its balance and delicate taste, Saigon cuisine is known for its simplicity that anyone can enjoy. Here your Saigon food tours that will help you get an insight into the beautiful cuisine culture of this city.

Com Tam or Broken rice is the iconic dish that you have to try when coming to Saigon. The name comes from the fact that they use fractured rice grains to make the dish. Today, the dish has many versions yet people still enjoy the original style. The traditional Com Tam usually includes steamed broken rice with grilled pork, either ribs or shredded, thinly shredded pork skin and egg meatloaf on top. It’s served with fish sauce, a small bowl of soup broth and pickled vegetables like carrots and cucumbers. Saigon people can eat Com Tam at any time of the day and you can easily find this dish almost everywhere. There are some popular places like Com Tam Ba Ghien or some small restaurants at Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Alley.

Com Tam Saigon

Com Tam Saigon (Source: Internet)

If you are in love with the wonderful flavor of Vietnamese Bread, then you should definitely visit Saigon. Saigon street food has always been popular for many reasons. Saigon bread is one of those. There is a famous brand in District 1 which is called Banh My Huynh Hoa. This place is mentioned in many travel blogs and articles. It’s one of the must-eat dishes in Saigon.

Saigon bread

Saigon Bread (Source: Internet)

When talking about Vietnamese cuisine, you cannot miss out Pho. Pho in Saigon is very different from Hanoi. Saigon people add more sweet spices and they like to enjoy the dish with some raw vegetables. Visitors can sample the special flavor of Pho in Saigon of some famous brand name like Pho Hung at Nguyen Trai Street, Pho Dau in the alley Nam Ky Khoi Nghia and Pho Hoa on Pasteur Road.

Another popular noodle dish is Hu Tieu. The noodle is smaller than Pho and it’s served with pork rather than beef like Pho. Fried onions and greaves will be put on top. There is no right way to make the dish. Shrimp, eggs, pig livers or even squid can be added. In the late afternoon, you can find many mobile food stalls on the street selling this dish. It’s a favorite afternoon snack in Saigon.

Hu Tieu Saigon

Hu tieu Saigon (Source: Internet)

Chinatown is known as the busiest shopping center in Saigon and the heaven for gourmets. It is a home to the majority of Chinese people living in Vietnam. Here you can enjoy many traditional dishes from a very rich cuisine culture of China like Dimsum, Duong Chau Fried Rice or Bac Kinh Roasted Duck.

There are many more wonderful dishes to try in Saigon that this article cannot cover them all. Discover for yourself on your next trip to Saigon and don't forget to add them to your list or follow to understand more about Sai Gon through interesting articles.