Bửu Long Pagoda – Thai breath in the heart of Saigon suburban


If you are visiting Saigon, do not simply stay in the core of the city, it is time to wander around and explore its suburban with a help of a Southern Vietnam tour operator. Today, we are taking you to a hidden religious gem in the 9th state of Hồ Chí Minh City, which is home to a rare Thai-like Buddhist temple.


Welcome to Bửu Long Pagoda

Where is it located?

Seems to be far off from downtown, yet Bửu Long is totally reachable within a few minutes on scooter starting from District 1, Saigon. Such significant and solemn Buddhist temple is found at 81 Nguyễn Xiển Street, Long Bình Ward, District 9. The whole complex is surrounded by other inclined-recreation venues along with food and beverage services. This leads to the fact that requesting a tour guide in Vietnam to this outer section of Saigon is something you may consider to put in your list right away.


Entrance leading to the main gate

A Thai-like pagoda built with tranquility 70 years ago

Bửu Long was built in 1942. In order to come up with such complete building, a local anchorite had purchased a large piece of land and handed over to his younger generations as a house of prayers. Bửu Long sits on a huge ground of over 8 hectares up against a hill in the Western side of Đồng Nai River. The Buddhist temple belongs to a part of the National Historical and Cultural Park of District 9.

After over 7 decades, Bửu Long complex has been filled up with various stylistic constructions. In 2007, a Gotama Cetiya Stupa which is home to a wide range of Buddhist pearl-like relics was constructed on a 2000-square-meter site 70 meters above than sea level. The Stupa was built following one of the two branches in Buddhism schoolings, Theravada, which took over the Southern part of Asia such as Burma, Southern Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia. After the inauguration, the whole Stupa building took the city by storm with its stunning and gigantic image.


A large garden surrounding

Bửu Long welcomes visitors from 8 am to 10 am, while the afternoon session runs in between 2 pm and 4 pm. The shining golden temple sits in an utmost tranquility under the shade of a zen-like woods. Moving further towards the upper floors, you would be able to observe a peaceful corner of Saigon and the surrounding in an absolute serenity. Do not forget that only a few selected Vietnam local tour operators are able to meet your need of showcasing you the best of Bửu Long Pagoda all inside out.

An enormous Southeast Asian style takes over the whole campus

When entering the site, or even a quick look from afar when suddenly passing through the main gate, you can easily spot out the vertical sharp-pointed top of the pagoda putting on a glistening sunny-color make-up, which brings out a strong Thai-look image of Theravada-oriented temples. Because of such, not few Vietnamese misconceive Bửu Long by commonly naming it the Thai pagoda of Saigon without acknowledging the story behind it.


Theravada architecture

Not only Buddhists are fond of paying a visit to Bửu Long, young Saigonese with a big love for travel and exploration also tend to reach the site with a strong interest and excitement. The distinctive architecture is not the only factor that makes Bửu Long imposingly stand out in the middle of Saigon sky, yet a hidden tranquility seen through a large deep jade-like pond sitting at the front of the temples all activate the overall attractiveness of the pagoda.


A huge pond at the front

One thing to be noted down as a travel review in Vietnam, the site is a solemn shrine itself, and a half-day trip to Bửu Long may require a proper and smart clothes choice. This is not only able to bring you a relaxing and comfy journey to the outskirt of Saigon, yet also help you thoroughly fuse with the religious-inclined attraction such as Bửu Long. Half a day wandering around the place may cause you an empty stomach, do not forget to head straight to the outer campus for a search of an affordable vegetarian meal.

If you have more than just a day in Saigon, there is no reason not to give yourself a trip to Bửu Long Pagoda. Of course, do not forget to have a Vietnam tour operator arrange you a local guide.

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